Digitization is the key to the future of freight forwarders

Published Jan 17, 2022 , 3 min , digital , technology , shipping

There are numerous reasons for a freight forwarder to go digital. For one thing, with the passing of each day, it becomes absolutely clear that digitization is the future of the maritime industry as a whole. In fact, it's a big commitment of both time and money. You could risk everything and gain nothing. What matters here is to make this shift constantly, yet gently. Relying on a digital service provider will assist you in passing the steps toward complete digitalization smoothly.

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Nowadays, there is a common question among freight forwarders: Should they enter the new world? But whether they should or not, one thing is certain. Freight forwarders must understand that digitization is the key to entry to the new world that the marine sector is transitioning into.


Only in the transport and logistics sector, the worldwide digital transformation market was valued at US$ 54.92 billion in 2018, with a projected rise of US$ 145.28 billion by 2025. Given that global trade is mostly carried by sea, we may presume that the majority of the investment in this digital transformation was undertaken in collaboration by digital freight forwarders, leading shipping firms, and container ports, among the industry's major participants. So, since company development is linked to the usage of new digital technologies, freight forwarders must undergo digital transformation in order to participate, stay, and compete in the logistics section of the global supply chain.


Are you a freight forwarder who hasn't gone digital yet?


A freight forwarder may continue and be competitive in the logistics and freight transportation sector if, and only if, it is willing to evolve and create or implement innovative digital solutions. Technology is constantly evolving to improve even more user and service provider experiences and communicate and revolutionize digital enterprises, with which growth goes hand in hand if done correctly and strategically.

As a result, the first step in starting your freight forwarder's digital transformation and becoming a freight forwarder of the future is to recognize that both you and your team must adapt to the changes brought on by digitalization and automation.


But it can be daunting; the use of digital platforms with real-time responses, the storage and use of Big Data to and from the cloud, the application of the internet of things (IoT) to all industrial factors, and the prospect of business disruption from several perspectives. You may, however, use external firms to make this process easier and more transparent for your own peace of mind.

Why won't you use the services of an IT solution provider if 75% of small businesses already do? It all depends on the services they provide.


In this regard, the referral to a digital service provider that assists you in getting started and growing is necessary, particularly because today's clients are more demanding and place a higher value on whoever can supply them with swift responses, beginning with the pricing process. It is necessary to handle international freight rates fast and respond to client requests in less than 10 minutes to favor the pro-digitalization.

So, if you want to be part of the new world of marine logistics, make digitalization the key to your business as a digital freight forwarder and embrace the change now!

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