How can you get your freight forwarder ready for change?

Published Jan 9, 2022 , 5 min , digital , shipping , technology

Changing and adapting to new rules and situations is the key to success not only for individuals but also for companies. But change can be disastrous and, if not implemented carefully, might do the opposite of what it originally was going to do. For this reason, it’s critical to know how to plan your change in the freight forward industry. We suggest four tips for changing your company. These four tips are:

1. Use technology to your advantage

2. Improve your change management skills

3. Educate your group

4. Begin experimenting with new tools

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 Changing can be challenging. We get accustomed to our comfort zones as humans, and when someone or something attempts to yank us out of it, we fight back hard. Having said that, It's considerably more challenging to confront changes as a business since we have to take many resistive people through the process at the same time. As a result, we'd want to assist you by explaining how to get your freight forwarder ready for a shift.


Change is an unavoidable part of life. To be able to evolve and survive, we are continually confronted with changes. We would not be living the lives we do today if our forefathers had stayed the same. So, why resist it?


Changes such as digital transformation should be welcomed by everybody, and we should all strive to be a part of this new era. It genuinely provides several benefits to all firms, but instead of capitalizing on them, most freight forwarders overlook them.


Now, how can you get your freight forwarder ready for change and evolution?


We understand that saying it is easier than doing it. Still, we believe you may begin with little steps and work your way up. We suggest that you:


1. Use technology to your advantage:

 Technological advancements have always brought significant changes with them, and especially in the past two centuries, we've seen them change the whole world. And with the pace the technologies are going, we must adapt to newer and better technologies on a daily basis to keep up with the market. This negatively impacts the team in charge of all operations because they must change the way they operate anytime whenever something new occurs. Nevertheless, it's critical to instill in them the idea that new technologies will make their job simpler rather than an additional burden to cope with. We and other digital tools were created in response to a requirement identified in corporate operations. So, why not embrace it if they're going to optimize the resources required in a task? Talk to your colleagues about why the change is required, and then go for it!


2. Improve your change management skills:


To be effective, every company transformation requires a well-thought-out strategy. Otherwise, there's a good possibility it'll cause more problems than it solves. Make sure you've drawn out all of the relevant details, defined roles and duties, communicated the processes to your team, and kept a close eye on the plan's execution. Before, during, and after a shift, effective communication is essential to ensure success. Everyone must understand their position, how it will affect them, and how their work will alter as a result of the change.


3. Educate your group:

One key aspect of changing your modus operandi that often is forgotten is the fact that you need to train your freight forward members and be sure that they are qualified to deal with the change you're planning. Training may make a significant impact on the success of an operation. If someone is not truly ready, the transformation process may be delayed or complicated, raising the operational costs. You should include training in your strategy; things your team needs to know, how they can learn them, who will teach them, at what time, where. Etc.


4. Begin experimenting with new tools:


What's stopping you from trying out new tools if the change is unavoidable and you know how to prepare your freight forwarder for it? If you stay the same, the development will not happen, therefore give new technologies a chance to assist you to improve your operations. For example, we might help you save 80 percent of the time it takes to prepare quotations while also increasing revenues by at least 5%. Consider what you might do with the time you saved by doing so; your freight forwarder may benefit greatly!


With all that being said, it's important you remember that everything can go wrong at any moment, and changes you planned out either don't work as intended or the result from them will not be satisfactory. However, you can plan for the best with your freight forwarder, right? It's critical that you thoroughly investigate all of your possibilities before selecting the one solution that best suits your company. Then start implementing our suggestions, working on all of the components required to adapt to change, and let's help your freight forwarder grow!

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