How to be the freight forwarder that will dominate the industry

Published Jan 2, 2022 , 4 min , technology , forwarders

Being one of the successful freight forwards of the new digital age is something to be aspired to be. But being one is not as easy as it seems. Having the latest technologies and tools is not enough. Sure, it's an important step in the right direction, but it's just that, a stepping stone for your future endeavors.

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There’s no better time than now to conquer the competition over the future of the industry. The one who acts first will be the winner. It’s true that the future is unpredictable, especially in an industry as big as maritime and global trade. But it’s still possible to make an educated guess about its future as the largest sector of the economy that will use digital technologies. And the reason for it is right in front of our eyes. It’s growing and modernizing at a bafflingly fast rate. Naturally, such an environment is fertile, with opportunities for freight forwards.


It's possible that until now, you have been informed about lead generation or about how to transform into a digital freight forward. Maybe you even have already used digital tools to compete against digital competitors. But now it's time for you to take the next step. You can be the freight forwarder of the future. For making that a reality, in this article, we will show you the areas that you can start working on as a digital freight forwarder.


Key areas that a freight forwarder of the future must develop

1. Organizational culture

Some describe it as the personality and soul of persons who make up an organization, as well as how they interact and work together. It is critical to have a clear company vision for the future. This involves having leaders skilled in value reinforcement, interested and dedicated to change, facilitators in reaching and surpassing objectives, motivators, integrators, with empathy, self-control, capacity to listen, communicate, and be consulted without fear of being vulnerable on your company team.


Nothing can replicate the effect a well-organized team has on the success of an enterprise. If you want to have a team that will do their best on any task, motivate them in every opportunity available; because a team like that eventually will cause customer satisfaction.


It's surprising, but this model has yet to be seen in the maritime industry, and it also has not been the focus of freight forwarders. But we can see the success of this model in other sectors and industries all across the board. So don't miss this opportunity.

2.  Your most valuable asset is your human asset


The successful freight forwards will renew their systems in place, software, technologies, etc. and you can bet your competitors will also do it. But one area that it’s not guaranteed to be the same is your major asset: your team. You should focus your team’s effort on whatever they are the most proficient in. nothing beats the reputation you’ll build upon the quality of services you offer, prices you offer, interpersonal relationship with your customers, etc. technological strength is important but it can’t hold a candle to the human side of your company, so build upon your team’s strength. You should install in your team’s mind that being part of the future of this industry recurs them to differ from others.

Don’t misinterpret us. Digitization is a very important stepping stone for your future success but you should not overlook the other aspects of your company and innovate in them as well. Because by putting your effort into developing your team, you are essentially adding value to your customers and creating loyalty.

3. Don’t forget Entrepreneurship


Do not be a bystander to the marine industry's evolution. Take part in the transformation. Look for alliances that will allow you to receive funds, growth, and development as an entrepreneur on solutions to difficulties or improvements in the sector. Some of the most forward-thinking digital freight forwarders are now strategic partners of major shipping firms, which is a unique strategy for staying afloat in the industry.


Remember, several governments around the globe are supporting these technical development and innovation projects in all areas relating to global trade logistics. As a result, pick an area that interests you the most, grow your business, and be the hero, not the sidekick.


There are undoubtedly many more opportunities for the freight forwarder of the future to find. So, take control of them and then calmly respond to the others, "What do you have that others don't?"

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