Maritime freight digital solutions

Published Jan 17, 2022 , 3 min , maritime , technology , digital , marine industry

With the advances in the digitization of the maritime industry, many leading freight forwarders are creating their own digital platforms. The advantages of doing so are too many to count. But the most important ones are efficiency, transparency, traceability, reduction of operating costs, and finally offering a quick response to their customers.

But there is a catch. Many medium and small size enterprises can't build their own digital platforms; whether they can't afford to do so, or probably the risks are too much to handle. In these instances, they can rely on companies that are designed to help them in this regard. 

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In terms of international trade, maritime freights hold the largest proportion of the market. It is undeniably one of the industries that most bets on substantial changes. Especially with freight forwarder initiatives that offer digital solutions for their clients' advantage, accelerating the digital transformation of marine freight in general.

The digital freight solutions available are diverse and adaptable to the demands of various target groups. They do, however, have one thing in common: they are platforms that ensure efficiency, transparency, traceability, cost savings, and, most importantly, prompt response to their clients.

We should take a look at successful instances if we're talking about digital solutions that freight forwarders offer in marine freights. For example, many companies are using their digital platforms to offer a greater number of transported containers to oceanic freight forwarders.


And there are other types of corporations that handle technical difficulties in the international logistics market. Rate administration, online booking, and 24/7 cargo tracking are some of the solutions that these digital freight forwarders offer. Furthermore, more freight forwarders are following the trend of delivering digital solutions to their clients. This is because they are becoming more familiar with new technologies and e-commerce, necessitating the need for freight forwarders to modernize their operations and services in order to integrate into the new digital era.


If you can't create your own digital solutions for marine freight, what options do you have?


Suppose you're a standard freight forwarder that wants to offer a digital solution to improve your customers' experience, acquire loyalty, and stay competitive but doesn't have the financial means to do so. In that case, some firms can help. They provide you with the tools and advice you need to avoid making some of the most prevalent errors. There are numerous organizations that you may turn into strategic business allies, but you must first define your potential area and then pick which need is it that you want to address based on that. These digital platforms may assist you in any or all areas of your digital transformation process.


Merchain is here to assist you as well. We can provide you with a digital solution that is tailored to your measures in order to help your business grow and expand as the marine sector advances. Merchain is the solution that will help you to earn a lot in a short period of time, as seen by the quotation process, which is crucial in client retention.


There are several digital solutions available for marine freight, so pick the one that best suits your freight forwarder and begin reaping the benefits of digitization almost immediately. The most essential thing is that you do not fall behind in your field. Get on board with your transition immediately to provide your present and future consumers with a better experience.

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