Bring digital team collaboration to your supply chain management.
Onboard external partners and internal teams in each project. Manage the Logistics Operation collaboratively, Spend less time playing email tag with your partners.
Logistics Providers,
and Carriers gain an ROI with Merchain
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Fewer emails

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Better employee efficiency

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Faster deal cycle

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More Productivity

Get rid of the old ways

You need Merchain if:

  • You’re running your supply chain operation on emails and excel sheets
  • You are handling many cases while you need to deal with several teams and organizations.
  • You are struggling with finding files and information from different systems and email’s attachments

Onboard your internal coworkers and external partners in one place and

  • Work more quickly together by sharing updates and gathering feedback in real-time
  • Maintain all of the information around a project in one place
  • Solve issues faster by involving the right people from all organizations
  • Find shared information and files with your partners anywhere anytime

Merchain is a collaboration platform and a workspace for

Management teams
Procurement teams
Operations teams
Logistics teams
CRM teams
Sales teams

Merchain is designed for Connecting teams in different organizations to manage their

Logistics projects
Purchasing processes
Cargo movements
Production planning
Purchasing Negotiations

Bring your communication into Merchain collaboration Rooms where you can work quickly and collaboratively with your partners

Why you should choose us?

Compatible and easily connectible
Saving your time and money
Teams collaborations
Full visibility under cargo status and last actions
Track your information flow
Be focused and efficient

Compatible and easily connectible

Avoid multiple login/logout requirements Merchain facilitated connecting in an easy manner with exis see more

Saving your time and money

If you are frustrated with wasting your time trying to communicate with multiple organizations while see more

Teams collaborations

Have you ever noticed how many emails you are forwarding to other parties every day? how many emails see more

Full visibility under cargo status and last actions

Don’t need to stress all the time trying to understand cargo status and follow up on shipments. Merc see more

Track your information flow

Reduce your manual data entry and paper works by up to 50%, follow all documents, conversations, an see more

Be focused and efficient

Do you remember the last time that you lost a business because of a late response or the fact that y see more

Start Digital Collaboration

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