Digital collaboration across the supply chain

Manage your information flows collaboratively; spend less time playing email tag with your partners

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Why do you need Merchain?

  • Do you waste time gathering data in order to manage your orders or shipments?
  • Do you struggle with figuring out what your shipment and order process is?
  • Do you have difficulty determining what your cargo status is?

Then you need one solution to manage your conversations and information flow, track the process with visibility, free up your time, and respond to chaos with resiliency.

Merchain provides you with a secure, simple, and multi-enterprise collaboration platform purposely built for supply chain professionals to share information with their partners anywhere and anytime.

Merchain is a supply chain collaboration and visibility platform that makes managing logistics more convenient and significant details simple to share.

Shippers, Logistics Providers, Brokers, and Carriers gain an ROI with Merchain

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Fewer Manual Updates

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Faster Quoting

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Better Labor Efficiency

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More Productivity

Why you should choose us?

Manage the Chaos before it occurs
Team collaboration
Saving your time and money
Track your information flow
Compatible easy connection
Be focused and efficient

1. Manage the Chaos before it occurs

Don’t need to stress all the time trying to understand cargo status and follow up on shipments. Merchain supports you by Increasing resiliency and agility creating responsiveness in your supply chain. Create orders, monitor the orders and shipment lifecycle, use Merchain reporting and visualizing tools, reduce frictions, and improve your relationship. Enjoy end-to-end supply chain collaboration.

2. Team collaboration

Have you ever noticed how many emails you are forwarding to other parties every day? how many emails come in your inbox that do not need your direct action, and how many of them you just being copied as a reviewer. Fewer emails, right emails. You don’t have to explore your email all day, you can build your teams across the entire supply chain and collaborate without limit. Your team's communication and interaction with your real-time supply chain information meets on a single platform. Invite your entire network to the platform at no additional costs. You can also generate email notifications automatically from your supply chain data and send them out to your partners needing to understand transactions in your supply chain.

3. Saving your time and money

If you are frustrated with wasting your time trying to communicate with multiple organizations while managing your orders and cargo, Merchain supports you with an automated system of notifications, on-demand information, and a powerful search engine. On average SME’s waste almost $100,000 annually because of communication inefficiency in the supply chain, don’t waste your valuable commercial time on messaging and information follow up, let Merchain do that work for you.

4. Track your information flow

Reduce your manual data entry and paper works by up to 50%, follow all documents, conversations, and confirmations from the ordering process to shipment delivery using Merchain’s tools.

5. Compatible easy connection

Avoid multiple login/logout requirements Merchain facilitated connecting in an easy manner with existing systems giving you the information you need to understand real-time your orders and their status.

6. Be focused and efficient

Do you remember the last time that you lost a business because of a late response or the fact that you missed an inquiry? what about the time it takes you to prepare a quotation and send it by email? Merchain manages this process for you, it notifies parties that need to take action and keep the teams focused by visualizing your business process for ordering, quoting, booking, and executing your shipment.

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